Mount Sterling, KY Senior Photographer - Prom Sessions

Prom sessions were a big success! Over 100 seniors showed up to the Old Silo Golf course! I only wish I could have accommodated all the seniors who wanted to have their photos taken. This is the number one reason why scheduling your session time before hand is soooooo important. We sold out of Prom sessions 24 hours after posting them! Wow!

A big Thank You to all of this years seniors! I have grown so incredibly close to you and your families over the past year and have to admit the class of 2015 is pretty amazing. I wish each of you the best luck moving forward in your lives! You are an incredibly talented group!

carrie-wilson-senior-photography 8
carrie-wilson-senior-photography 15
carrie-wilson-senior-photography 16
carrie-wilson-senior-photography 16
carrie-wilson-senior-photography 9
carrie-wilson-senior-photography 10
carrie-wilson-senior-photography 2
carrie-wilson-senior-photography 4
carrie-wilson-senior-photography 5
carrie-wilson-senior-photography 6
carrie-wilson-senior-photography 7
carrie-wilson-senior-photography d
carrie-wilson-senior-photography 1
carrie-wilson-senior-photography c